Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Better Body

1. Get into the mindset. So many people sabotage themselves with past issues. They have no belief in themselves or drag a bad previous fitness experience into the present. You have to listen to yourself, your mind and spirit -choose to be successful in your health.

2. Understand the science. Proper nutrition is key. I recommend whole foods, High fiber, water, rich vegetables, essential fats, and lean low-stress protein, all-natural and organic when possible. There's no magic pill here but you have to understand what type and how much food matches your physical out put. Food is simply energy and synchronizing is the key for maximum results.

3. Cleanse. I recommend certain high-fiber foods and juices to pull the toxins out of the body and make the metabolism more efficient. Sometimes I prescribe an 11-day cleansing; I see people lose 10 or 15 pounds and keep it off.

4. Exercise. Make your body move. Start with what you like. Take it slow at first, then fine-tune. Build confidence, don't go full throttle at first. There’s nothing worse than guilt. Let it go.

In two weeks, you'll see a difference